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Munich Airport

Munich Airport is considered to be the busiest airport of Germany because of several strategic reasons. It is located near the northern side of Germany and people can easily reach the airport by availing several options. It utilizes the territories of four municipalities. Munich Airport commenced its operations in the year 1992 and its construction was started in the year 1980. It is now fully functional and supports variety of needs of the segments. Business class and the passengers from all over the world can utilize the services of the airport because of its unique services and attractive packages. According to the researches, it is indicated that the total number of passengers and movement of aircrafts doubles every year, providing sound business opportunities to several companies.

Our guide to Munich Airport informs people about all the facilities. People can identify the information and location of the terminals so that they can easily identify the important places and reach wherever they want. It is divided into two terminals which enable the administrators to manage the processes effectively. The two runways are located parallel to each other and the area between the runway incorporate the services and facilities. The detailed map of the airport and its terminals is available on the website so that people face no difficulty in accessing the desired regions. Customer support help desks are also available which help the people in easy access to the services and provide solutions to the concerns of passengers.

When Munich airport became fully operational, there was only one terminal. The success factors identified the potentials of prosperity and facilitated the people by adding second terminal to the airport. Terminal 1 is subdivided into five sectors which are also known as modules of the terminal. The terminal incorporates all the services and facilities, which are necessary for the passengers. The airport administration guides the passengers for getting to their destinations very easily. The map provided online serve the people in best way and helps them to track the offices very easily. In addition to this, the on-site maps and directional arrows are also available, facilitating people to complete the official requirements for travelling.

Terminal 2 of Munich airport is considered as hub terminal. Central plaza is located in the terminal and individuals can easily track the additional services offered to the people. Security is becoming primary concern these days and special efforts are dedicated for ensuring the security. The concerned workers are equipped with latest technological gadgets which are used for the implementation of security plans. If anyone is interested in getting information about business activities, Munich Airport Center is the best place to be visited. This area connect the two terminals with each other and offers recreation and business facilities to the people. There is a shopping mall located in this area and people can easily spend their leisure time effectively.

The people who are interested in travelling via Munich Airport, read our guide and identify the facts of their interest. Information regarding the related services and problems can be directly investigated from the concerned officials of the airport. Website is the best way which informs the people about details of the airport, terminals and the other value added services. They can log on to the website and gain knowledge about the necessary facts. Car rental companies, hotels and resorts can be contacted officially by using the online facilities. In addition to this, people can reserve the services of airlines by using the online services of airport.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Franz Josef Strauss
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
48° 21’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
11° 47’ 0" E
Passengers (2017):
Official Website: